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Which Suspension Would you Prefer???

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Mustang Drag Race Front Suspension

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I am currently building a 1989 Mustang and this is my first project and I need some advice as I go. I have been doing a lot of researching for front suspension components and I came across a few websites that I really liked. Anthony Jones Racing, and Racecraft Inc. Ive made a few calls and I've heard great things about both companies. Im leaning towards Racecraft, but I just need some more advice and some knowledge on the products before I go ahead and buy everything. Any help would be appreciated Thanks guys
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i got a team z setup and im happy with it.
for drag racing i would go with upr k member. ive had mine on the street 2 years no issues and ive removed it 3 times
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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