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It's been a while since i've been on ModularFords, but i've since sold my 99 GT w/ a terminator block, turbo, TKO600, 03 IRS, and a bunch more. I also sold my 2012 Kona Blue 5.0, and totaled my 2013 WRX which I bought new and was my DD which I modded as far I could without having to go to a bigger turbo. It made 308/339 AWHP/AWTQ.

So I picked up a Fox as my weekend car this January and it took me a few months since I was specifically looking for an 86 GT because I wanted a four eye. It's a project car for sure and I take it out maybe twice a week. I plan on doing a 331/347 stroker this summer or going with something a bit bigger with a 351 based block and going with a 363 or 408. Unlike my other cars, I want to keep this car N/A. I plan on doing a lot of suspension work and going full Maximum Motorsports parts, Baer or WilWood brakes, 5 lug conversion, and a MegaSquirt just to name a few.

Right now it doesn't have much. Trick Flow top end kit -TF 170cc heads, TF TM stage 1 Cam, TF Track Heat intake, Pro-M 75 mm MAF, A9L ECU, 24lb injectors, MSD distributor, Ford Racing plug wires, Ford Motorsport shorties, O/R H, Flowmaster C/B, and I just changed the alternator 2 weeks ago to a PA Performance 130 amp unit & also bought a Ford Motorcraft battery because I like the way it looks honestly and I hear for the money it's hard to beat when you don't want to spend Optima type money. The wheels are 17x8/17x10 on Nitto 255s all around.

At my friend's house. He also has an 86 GT.

I plan to get rid of this steering wheel soon.

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