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Well today I decided to try out water wetter in the intercooler and in the radiator coolant.

Now there is no way for me to measure the temp (at least no easy way), so I'll give you the results from teh "degCXXXX" thing in the test diagnostics (since I did put it in for the coolant as well)

After the car warmed up (to the point where the needle is at about half never seemed to go all the way to half way, but instead always a tad short of it):

when I was at a stop it read anywhere from 87C-90C.
when I got moving it was at a constant 84C-85C.
when I got on it (redline though 1st and 2nd), the temp went all the way down to 80C-81C then eventually made it's way back up to 83C-85C.

Now I was a moron because I did no testing before the water wetter, hopefully someone on this board can go out and do similar tests as I did and report the results so we can compare them to mine.

As for the intercooler, it may be mental, but it just seemed like my car was pulling harder, but there is no way for me to prove this besides going to the track (I plan on going to Cecil County this wednesday), so I'll report back again after that.
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