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I have just recently completed the very few mods that I plan on doing to the car. All that I have done has made the car just that much more enjoyable to drive.

Steeda shifter: Nite and day difference, enough said. And yes..
I set the shift stops, lol.......

Steeda lowering springs: Down about 1.5" all around and the ride is nearly stock, with what I consider a little sharper handling.

Note: You must get the alignment checked after this install. I had the alignment shop check mine and set it back to original factory specs. The back needed no adjustment but the front end tow was off a bunch.

Steeda clutch quadrant and firewall adjuster: Again, nite and day difference. Much smoother engagement. Still playing with the adjustment. Some of the chatter has gone but still there none the less. I figure a couple of hole shots when the weather breaks will take the rest out. ;)

Lastly, the exhaust: I got a complete Spintech system from the headers back. It is a 2.5", aluminized system with 3" SS tailpipes. The system has the most unique sound I have ever heard on a 4 valve. Nice throatly rumble at idle, no drone at 55, 65, 85...... Really wakes up when the hammer is down. Just thought I would let you guys know that there is another alternative exhaust system to what everyone else is putting on their cars.

Not sure how I am going to get it done, but I am going to try and make a sound file. Stayed tuned.

Ben Dorn
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