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Got dynoed today. But as you know with my luck we had issues. First somehow we maxed the 42's out on the top end, how I dont know. So now Im going to get a FMU. We also put a funny looking washer to replace the thermostat which is suppose to make it run COLD but it overheated after a hour of driving, by the time I got home all I saw was steam and coolant spuing out the cap:(

Here are my mods:
97 GT auto conv, Vortech (14psi), 4.10 gears, Flowmaster, Off road h-pipes, FRPP headers, Autologic chip, MSD dis-4 ignition, MSD wires, Accel coil packs, 30lbs injectors, 70mmT/B, 90mm MAF, Power pipe, forged pistons & rods, MSD tach adapters, 3000 stall torque converter, K&N filter, BBK fuel regulator, Walbro 255 in-tank fuel pump, FMU, B&M tranny cooler, Performance Automatic manual/transbrake valve body, Race P&P non-P.I heads, SHM Cams, Spearco Intercooler, Race B.O.V, 42lbs injectors, T-Rex Fuel pump, 2.87 Vortech pully

My dyno

:joy: Not far from my goal of 500rwhp. Ill be there soon:)
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