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I got there on Friday morning and it was hot and humid, my weather station was reading 102 for a good part of Friday.

1st pass I have C02 Kit armed and ready.
I put the car up on the brake, and it falls on its face. It displaces too much 02 for my setup. I was worried about this, and it looks like I have to scrap the kit.

2nd pass
Car gets squirelly and I had to get of it. As it turns out the tran was leaking. I pulled the trans out Friday Night and Mihovetz puts in a front seal. Reggie comes over and helps me get that heavy ass bitch back up on the dial pins.

3rd pass
Saturday Morning
Car leaves good with a 1.33 60 foot, but the blower belt snaps in half right before the shift point at 8600. Cars now leaving at 6700 on the brake. The 4.30 gears seemed to be an improvement.

I get the car back up 3 hours later. I start the car up, trans is leaking bad again. Time time it turned out to be the pump seal, and lack of silicon on the head bolts that hold the pump on.

Reggie Burnette was generous enough to let me use his rack to change out the tranmission on Saturday night (the 2nd trans repair). Reggie didn't mind keeping his car outside while it was pouring down while i was working on my POS. Reggie, Randy, and I put it back in (man is that bitch heavy with the JW casing) We got the car back up and fired around 1:00 am, and he insisted that I keep it in his trailer till morning. This made changing the trans out so much easier. Friday night we were in the dark and the pouring rain getting the trans back in. Reggie didn't want to see me do that again. I owe you big time.

Thanks to all the other guys that helped me as well. Thanks to Robert Hindman , Aaron Archer, Phil Clemmons, and everyone else that gave me parts I needed in a pinch. Thanks to Randy Haywood for the help Saturday night. Everyone was so friendly and willing to help.

Sunday morning
Run 1
I make a TNT pass. Dishcarge tube blows off at the throttle body in the burn out box.

Run 2 - 1st round eliminations.
Discharge tube blows off going into the intercooler right on the transbrake.

Run 3 - TNT pass
Silicon hose busts a hole in it coming right off the blower.

As crappy as it was with the bad luck and terrible weather conditions its nice to see other racers helping racers in need.

I want to thank everyone again that helped me this weekend.

I'll be ready for FFW Norwalk with better hoses and clamps.

The Ubiquitous Jimmy V.
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Holy shit!! I got tired just reading that..Sounds like you have a lot of gremlins..
I Got to hand it to you Dave, for not giving up..
Hopefully you will get some passes in next time out..

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:hammer did you do some of this over the weekend? Sorry to hear of the misfortunes, but that's racing. Best of luck at FFW in Norwalk. And remember, take it easy on that thing until the shootout.........

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