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Need help: lash follower measurements

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Topic: Lash measurement, shims etc.

My new PP heads have manley 1mm overside intake and exhaust valves, new bullit cams and I started measuring for lash clearances. Here is the process I took so let me know if I missed a step.

1. Manually pump all the old oil out of the lash adjuster so it's easier to depress. It should be empty of oil so the follower can be pressed down to compress the lash adjuster.

2. set lash adjuster in head with the follower and lay the cam in place and turn it so it's not on compressing the follower on the low side of the lobe.

3. Press down on the side of the follower where the lash adjuster is and this should create a gap. Measure the gap.

I made a short video capturing this step so if you have done this before and know if this is right/wrong let me know if this is the proper procedure.

I am seeing lash anywhere from .050" to .065" on the 2 intake valves I measured and about .036" for the exhaust valve.

Ive read spec should be between .018" and .028" but I also read more lash in about the .035 spec. Either way I think mine is way too large. Here is the video.

Again, do you do this procedure with the lash adjusters full of oil or empty..and why? Also, where can I purchase some shims or do I need to look for thin washers?

short clip of what I am measuring and how.

thank you for some help guys
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Optimal is .024". Both intake and exhaust. NOMINAL is .018" to .030" I think. I would need to check my sources...;) but I know .050-.065" is too much for sure...
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