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I just had the car out playing before I detail it for the car show tomorrow, and I found a straight stretch. I took it easy in first and second, and then put the car through its paces in third and fourth. It pulls great, but I am not seeing a lot of boost.

My Autometer Mechanical Boost gauge is only showing 5-6 psi at 5000 rpm. It is showing a vaccum of 20 most of the time cruising, and I have been told that is normal. How much boost should I be making? This is the Reinhart kit. The car made 366rwhp on the dyno a few weeks ago, I might have put 300 km on it since the install of my Vortec. The car drives like stock until you drop the hammer. FP rises to 60 when I get on it, and holds consistent.

Is there anything that I should look for? I thought that I should be a couple psi higher, but maybe I am just not driving the car hard enough...I must admit that I do not pund on it at all.

Any insights would be great. If there is anything that I should check, please advise.
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