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Need TB adapter hose: Right Angle, Oval to 3.5" round

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Can someone tell me where I can get a throttle body hose like the one in the below pic Oval to Round? I have seen round versions but this one looks a lot flatter as if it was molded this shape.


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Pegasus Auto Racing usually carries a pretty complete inventory of these elbows, Kevin. Click here =>
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Hmm.. all I can find are round.. Maybe my eyes are deceiving me and the one in the pic is actually a round one over the oval TB.. I will wait a day or so and if I can't find an oval then a round will work far better than trying to make an aluminum tube with that sharp of a bend..

The Ovals are round adapters that have been slipped onto an equivalent sized oval tube, Kev.
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Yea, the one in the pic above just looks like it is flatter than what a round one would look like installed on an oval TB. But if I'm having this hard of a time finding one it's probably completely round so not a big deal.

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