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Following what Doug (Billetflow) and JB have started, I contacted Liberty Gear to get an input shaft made for our T56 tranny. My new 26 spline input shaft is done and being mailed today to my tranny guy. Paul at Liberty is who I worked with and I told him others may be contacting him for the same setup so be ready. He took a late model F Body input shaft (2.66 ratio, same as ours) a slightly longer input shaft (due to the GM use of a hydraulic TOB) but with the larger OD due to the 26 splines . The new shaft is cut down to the proper length and hardened for roller pilot bearings. The cost of the total part to your door will be approx $250, maybe a few bucks less depending on shipping. My tranny guy quoted me $400 to open up the tranny and replace the shaft, plus replace the clutch. Since I have no experience inside a T56 I'm farming this out to the experts.

Other smart items to get when doing this (thanks to Networking Guru):

Part # BC3, listed as TOB Guide (Ford) and priced at $49

Second, there are two seals you will need, one inside the retainer and one O-ring. D&D claimed you didn't need any seals, but you do.

Next, you will need a TOB. Buy which ever one you like or note that it comes as part of a clutch kit.

You may choose to replace the Ford clutch fork, part # XR3Z7515AA, listed as Level ASY-CL R, listing at $25.53.

I'm going with a SPECII/III hybrid clutch and composite TOB (all part of the kit) so do all at once.

For the "why should I go w/ 26 spline input shaft, which clutch should I get, what is a SPECII/III" type questions, I'd love to give a full write-up but frankly don't have the time (heading out on vacation tomorrow for 1 week and I'm trying to wrap up). SO, if you have those types of questions, feel free to do a search of the excellent archives here and on on those topics.

Hope this was helpful.

Liberty Gear
(313) 278-4040
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