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well with winter here and the rearend missing out of my car i got bored, so i sold the shortblock and took the teksid block down to phase 2 and had them start prepping the block, talked with tony and 03 steve on what pistons i should go with-decided on JE flat tops ,coated on the skirts and dome, should give me about 10.4 :1 on comp, getting manley rods with arp 2000 bolts, and a bridge racing prepped crank, going to send the heads out for new guides and bowl work and a comp valve job. either going to get a set of bridge racing or mihovetz custom cams so i will be selling the comp stage 3 cams

got the motor stripped down to the heads, can i leave the headers on to lift out or at least be able to lift it slightly to get to the header bolts?
The motor will pull out the top with the headers on, bellhousing and clutch, etc. Just remove the blower and lower intake assembly.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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