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The Roush TVS system has been storming the market over the past few weeks! We're offering a group purchase on these kits, and wanted to share some info!

Unleash up to 700 horsepower with the new TVS2300 ROUSHcharger®. This kit can bring the total power of your 2005-2009 4.6L 3V Mustang up to 510-700 hp.

This version of the TVS2300 ROUSHcharger will also be sold without ECM calibration to allow custom tuners to develop their own calibration which can push the horsepower anywhere from 525 to more than 700. This is the first time that ROUSH® is offering specialty tuning firms the option of using their own calibrations and being creative with their tune on a ROUSHcharger. The warranty for this ROUSHcharger is 1 year / 12,000 mile on components only.

This kit comes with a 2.3L TVS supercharger with black finish, upper and lower intake manifolds, an intercooler, a low temp radiator, a cold air intake system, a dual 60mm electronic throttle body, a unique fuel rail with 52 lb/hr fuel injectors.

The TVS2300 ROUSHcharger utilizes Eaton's new Twin Vortices Series technology. The patented design on this supercharger system features a four-lobe rotor and high-flow inlet which greatly enhances thermal efficiency, higher volume capacity, and higher operational speeds.

This kit comes out of the box pullied for between 11-14PSI depending on engine mods, and can be pushed to over 20PSI with no problems and over 850+RWHP! Results have shown between 525-550 at the wheels @ 11PSI and 6500RPM.

We're currently developing some low boost and high boost options, and will have more on them in a few weeks.

For those of you who want a little something more than 450-490RWHP:

Roush TVS 2.3L Blower
Roush Carbon Fiber Intake Assembly
Roush Air Box and High Flow Filter w/Upgraded MAF
GT500 Throttle Body
Roush lower/upper intake - 3V Mustangs
Roush Fuel Rails
Roush Intercooler
Roush 52# Injectors
No Tune is included
No fuel pump upgrade is included
Stock Kit makes 12-14 PSI
Includes Roush Cool Temp Radiator
Capable of 850+ Horsepower and 20+PSI

Tillman Speed will also be offering 100 dollars off the price of the blower, and 300 off installation (or a combination of both) if we can get more than 4 sold!!!

For info call CHRIS ROSE @ Tillman Speed Inc!

Tillman Speed Inc.

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For an extra $1100, add the HT0 spark plugs (pre-gapped), GT500 Complete fuel system, and SCT 5000 Slot-Style MAF meter. This brings your total to just under $7000, and is ready for over 700 at the wheels NO PROBLEM!!!

Custom tuning available in-house for $250 dollars with your X3 or XCal2, or $650 with us providing one!

Install for only 1000 bucks! If we get more than 4 cars, install is only $700 dollars! Everything, dual fuel pumps, charger, radiator, intercooler, intake, and if you choose the optional items installed as well!

Chris Rose
Tillman Speed Inc
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