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Hey all! New guy here. My name is Nate. I drive a 1997 Mustang GT with a couple of mods. Got some new toys in the mail too....5.4L Triton and a SVT Lightning Eaton....
Attached is what it looks like now.
Current mods:
Performance wise
99+ 31 spline rear axles with 4.30s
Ported and Polished PI heads
MPH Custom grind cams
Off-road H-pipe
Pypes Violator
T45 swapped
Tokiko Illuminas
Eibach Sportlines
MM C/C plates

Looks and interior
Heads up display
Push button start
Custom center dash bezel with integrated GPS
Light dimmer delete
8000K HID headlights and driving lights
Custom hood
4 piece bodykit
18" Cobra replicas
1 piece headlights
Meter4it chasing sequential taillights

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Not sure if i'm diggin the body kit, but welcome!
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