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Hello everyone at

My aname is Andreas,I'm 20 years old and building a Drifting car with a -96 Cobra engine going to post a project here soon.

So i'm more or less here to get advice about these nice engines,I bought my first one last week and just waiting for it to arrive now! :dance4:
The plan is to fit it in my Ford Capri from -74 and build it NA about 500-550whp.. yea that's right 500+ NA to make this happen i got the best work in the world I build engines everyday,just small 4-6cyl tho the older guys in the shop take care of the bigger ones.

Anyways i hope you will enjoy my upcoming project and will oversee my bad spelling :sorry:

Cheers // Andreas

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welcome to modfords- a 4.6 into a 74 capri? pics are a must, should be a interesting build for sure
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