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Hey guys! Just joined up. I am the proud owner of a 92 F-150 for which serves the purpose of hauling my ice fishing crap in the winter and keeping the salt off of my other car. My other car is my pride and joy and has turned into a physical addiction that will lead to bigger and better things in the future. It is a silver frost 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC. On that car, I have the Kooks 3/4 length stainless with full exhaust, 4R70W auto with JMOD, 4.30 gears, 3800 stall, Cobra intake, and an SCT chip. The car ran a 13.59 this last year at just under 102mph. I am shooting for low 13s all motor next year with a dyno tune, possible underdrive pulley setup and maybe a different throttle body. So far, it's the second fastest NA Gen2 Mark VIII that I know of on stock motor with stock internals. The suspension is shot and the tuning is terrible, so as excited as I am already, there is still a bit left on the plate for this car in a naturally aspirated form. I would like to get a very low 13 out of it. Once that is accomplished, I am looking to go power-adder and forged. Glad to be here! :bigwink:
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