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new to the forum just want your thoughts

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this is what im working with
stock romeo block bored 20 over
forged internals mod max the best they have
stage 3 patriot heads stage 2.5 cms cams
full length headers slp loudmouth 1 off road h pipe
air to air intercooler new v-7 ysi trim with bv57 blowoff/bypass 2.90 8 rib with 7.5 od crank
all the goodies for intake - intake manifold
fuel up grades 80lbs fuel inject0rs upgraded to two big pumps all breaded stainless lines tfs fuel rails.
im wondering as to how much boost and rwhp ill make if im sping the ysi to 63,500 at 6500 and supposivly 65,000 at 7000rpms?
the old ste up was t trim with 8 rib pulley s/c 2.75 and od 7.5 crank over spun it and broke that hoe it made like 637rwhp dont have dyno sheet but it was making to much heat so i said f it v7 ysi and i hope im puting about 18 to 22 lbs of boost! and its 116 octane tuned. all u's out there about to say turbo at ease that shit im going to turbo my truck gmc sierra sle 5.3 cammed with 3.73 gear now turbo or root style supercharger.

also have
93 notch lx 331 dfi computer good up to 2000hp t trim all forged and tfs heads not sure about the cams best it ran 9.32 at 149mph, i might be selling the superchager kit and going to turbo i bought the car for my brother superize!!! lol might sell the whole car and buy something else for right money

also side note if anyone knows of any turbo kits for 04 sierra sle with 5.3 323ci let me know please.


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Welcome to the site... A little punctuation and proof reading goes a long way around here. That was pretty hard to read!!
Not sure what you actually asked, but it sounds like you have a plan for your car and truck?! The "what HP can I make with X-setup" if very difficult to pin point, some guys on here can probably give you an idea, but it will be stout regardless!!
thanks posted before i could spell check. i hope it makes at least 750whp from what some other guys i know are saying it should be close to 800rwhp i figure all its going to take is 116 octane and some degree of timing and change the pulley from 2.90 back to 2.75 more boost
and my fuel system should be enough to handle it and it also has full suspension forgot to add that.
you should see my friends gt500 root style whipple and a turbo made like 1127 to the wheel with ease.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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