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nitrous questions about timing

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ok i have a few questions about nitrous timing, i have 2 tunes on my car one is at 16* for nitrous and the other is 21* w/o nitrous now i know when the engine is hot it pulls timing automaticly... my question is if 1 spray on 21* and the engine is cold (only a 55 shot) am i at risk of bad things happning.... i have a 03 that is ported pulley at 17 and a zex wet kit... never played w/ it and wanting to how ever i cant remember what tune is what is there a way to tell... its a deablo flip chip and predator programer... both tunes have been moddified on a lap top by a pro.... thanks in advance... ps one tune is a (stock tune?) what happens if i pick this one by mistake... they where never labeled
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1: I would never even hit WOT until the car is up to operating temp....bad things can happen just from that
2: you usually only need to pull 1-1.5* of timing per 50hp dry or 80hp wet shot.
3: you should be able to tell just by the "butt dyno" which tune you are on (as long as you had a competent tuner)......5* is a lot of timing to pull.
4: I would (if it was me) disconnect the IAT sensor and wire a potentiometer with known resistance values so you can "tell" you engine what intake temps you "want" it to see so it doesn't pull timing and you have a more consistant tune..... but that is just me
it was at opt temps and i was kind of playing w/ it last night and i didn't fill a diffrence at all. may not of been hitting the bottle gauge was reading and purg was working fine just didn't fill shit' if im around 520rwhp would i fill a 55 wet shot tuner said it did 587 on dyno i would think i would fill that right?
you should feel a 55 shot, especially if it went from 520whp to "587whp" while spraying. Close the bottle and have someone listen to see if the main solinoid is clicking. what is your bottle pressure
the gauge read, 1 through 12 then 13-14 in the red and it reads 6#s and dosen't move unless im purging.... the zex electric bottle opener sucks dose not open and close very well... witch is sad the kit has seen very little use maybe sprayed 5 times total and bottle filled twice and lots of issues that need to be worked out... andf it hasbottle heater that stays on when system is on should the presure move the hotter it gets? I would think so thanks for ur help and time turbo mark 8
the number represents (x)hundred of psi. 100psi through 1200psi then 1300-1400psi in the red. 600psi (your 6# on the gauge) is rather low bottle pressure and your 55hp shot (measured at 1000psi) is more like a 15-20hp shot at that pressure...if you are lucky, that you may not feel. The bottle pressure should rise the hotter the bottle gets. The ideal bottle pressure is 1000psi. Maybe you have a leak somewhere, or the place that is filling your tank is shorting you?
huh???? dont think i have a leak... i have a 15# bottle when i got it filled it said 10# and thats what i got charged for,have not missed with it a hole lot how long dose it need to heat up be 4 the temp rises... was on for a hour or so be for i played w/ it and didn't move at all... so any thing less then 1000 is worthless. would u say i need the bottle filled again? how many lbs is to much? the red zone i take it, if i replaced the 55 shot for a 100 or 125 do i need to retune the car, or on 16* of timing it safe to spray a large shot
I would say 16* is safe for a 100 or 125shot as long as you keep an eye of your AFR's. after an hour with the heater on the bottle definatly should of risen. 1000psi is your target pressure, not saying that anything below that is worthless, but the lower the pressure, the lower the shot (I dont know exactly for how much psi loss = how much hp loss). I would double check all solinoids, lines, and even go so far as to disconnect the line going to your intake and see if nitrous is flowing when you hit the button.
So you have a 15lb tank? if you have a "15lb" tank, that means that it requires "15lb" of nitrous to achieve correct pressure
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