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I stumbled across an alternative source for these gaskets this morning and thought I would share it with you guys. Depending on where you shop, these usually go for ~$20, give or take a couple of bucks. You can buy the gasket from Improved Racing ( for $4.95 and spend the difference on a sandwich and a beer. They have them for both Teksid and Windsor blocks.

Here is a link to the Teksid gasket on their site => Oil Filter / Cooler Gasket

In addition to the gasket, they make some very nice billet components. Two that I am particularly fond of are their oil thermostat (that I use) and which has wonderfully simple plumbing with an excellent design and performance. If you use an oil cooler, you will want this item; click here => Oil Thermostat.

In addition to their Oil T-Stat, they have a new item that just might be the best fuel system check valve I have ever run across. Their check valve is particularly attractive because it is both high flow and has a seal-off threshold of up to 1000 psi with an opening pressure of only 0.05 psi, which is essentially zero — ideal for our fuel systems.

The desirable aspect of having a check valve in the fuel line is that it allows you to maintain a full fuel line after you shut the engine off. The upshot is a quick start next time you get in and start the engine, just like OEM, instead of the usual wait for the pumps to fill the fuel system. You will want to place the check valve near the pumps to maintain fuel in the entire system, and Voilà! Instant start. To see their High Flow Check Valve, click here => High Flow Check Valve.
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