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Oil pressure build-up engine

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I have a 2004 gt that I received from my son , and the motor just built up so much oil pressure that when I pulled the dipstick the oil shot out like a missle...there isn't any knocking or ticking coming from the engine but oil was even coming out of other areas . Any idea what's wrong & does block need rebuilding? The motor has 165,000 miles.
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Oil pressure won't cause a dip stick to shoot out. But excessive crank case pressure will. And it will cause leaks at other areas.

You need to make sure the PCV system is operating correctly. If it's not the crank case will build up pressure. If is it flowing then I'd guess some new rings are in your future.
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Thank you for the vital information. Would be easier to just rebuild or replace the engine?
Sorry. Not sure how I missed this.

I think which is easier is relative. Swapping out the engine would be faster. But I'm the kind that would rather rebuild what I have. No surprises when bolting it back in. Plus I enjoy building engines.
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