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I know this is the turbo section, but since this is about the only section I post in, I thought I'd put this here. This is part of the reason my cobra is still at that "almost finished" stage. Trying to get everything wired up, bolted down, and operational. Wiring 3 phase equipment gets expensive after a while. But here's where I'm at right now. BTW, I'm not advertising or anything at this point. I understand that I'd have to contact Eric in order to do that. Just posting a couple pics to see if anyone has any suggestions.

Anyway, what I've put together is basically a repair/fab/dyno shop with an in house machine shop. I didn't get any pics of the dyno area because that's the corner of the shop where all the junk is stored right now. The PC I have with the dyno isn't cooperating and keeps shutting off on me. So a friend of mine is coming over this week to pull all the programs from it and put them in a new PC for me.

I've got 3 lifts up right now, another one I can put up and a 5th that is setup for the dyno. I've got a mandrel pipe bender with dies to do all the way to 6" pipe. Various welders, plasma cutters and torches. 2 tire machines and a balancer, all the hand tools you'd ever need. And the machine shop consists of a boring machine, line boring (installing roller cam bearings) machine, line hone, cylinder hone, cranshaft grinder (came over on the mayflower), a very nice balancer, flowbench, valve grinder, guide and seat machine,3 step cleaning system, lathe, a mill, and all the other normal automotive machine shop equipment.

Been doing a little work here and there, but hoping to officially open within the next 60 days. Probably Jan 1st realistically.

Don't pay any attention to the Still cleaning up and it seems like we're never gonna get finished. Oh and the 2 doors behind the lifts are getting replaced next week...

So, what do you think?

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