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I got a 03 SVT Cobra earlier this year, and I've got several questions that I hope someone can help me with:

(1) I've noticed the Cobra is VERY susceptible to wheel hop. Has anyone else had that trouble and successfully addressed it?

(2) Does anyone have any suggestions of easy, warranty-friendly performance mods for the Cobra? I've talked to several people, including SVT, and the consensus is: cat backs, cold-air intake, boost bypass valve (which supplies "continuous boost from your supercharger when exceeding acceleration limits set by the factory" BUT, I have no clue which ones to buy. Does anyone have any dyno-tested results from a particular manufacturer of cat backs or intake, or have one they would recommend? Anybody try the boost bypass mod?

(3) Has anyone noticed the fuel pump being somewhat less responsive? As an example: I have a Saleen that all I have to do is tap on the accelerator and the RPMs are instantly up to launch levels. With the Cobra, there appears to be a delay, so I have to rev more before launching…

Thanks a lot in advance for any assistance you can give me.

Take care,

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