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I'll start by saying "Hi". Yup, i'm new, at least to THIS board.

I've got about a million questions to ask about an upcoming project. If anyone has input, I want it, please and thanks.


96 T-Bird LX
4.6 Romeo block
mostly stock, save for "minor" bolt-ons

Heads are from a '00 (?) GT motor. I picked it up from Carlisle All-Ford Nationals. Complete from oil pan to throttle body. The block is a Windsor (the irony, I don't live too far from there) with an 8-bolt crank. The heads are definetely PI (cast into heads). I'm NOT using this block, ONLY the heads and intake.


1)What should I do, from a preparation stand point? Should I get a head swap kit? FRPP, Steeda (?), who makes them? What's in them? Is it REALLY neccessary?

2)From my understanding, my current compression ratio is about 9.3:1. With this "to-be" combo i'm (supposedly) looking at 10.5:1. Can any one back this claim up? I know the combustion chamber on the PI heads is smaller, I need to upgrade the head gaskets and/or head bolts? Mandatory, or just a good idea.

3)Seriously, what can I expect to go wrong (besides everything and anything!). Any common problems/mistakes?

4)New set-up has return-less fuel system - I believe I can just use my stock rails to keep my fuel system the same. Yes? Also, the new intake has coil-on-plug ignition. What do I do there? Looks like I can just unscrew the coils and use my stock plugs/wires.

It's very late, i'm very tired. I'm done for the day. :eek: I'm sure i'll think of more questions.

On a closing note - don't be afraid to be technical. Opinions and suggestions are always welcome. This stuff isn't a hobby for me - it's an obsession!
I'll shut up now. Sorry for the length of the thread, just want o be informed.
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