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ok, so i am new to this website and mustang world. Make a longstory short, this is my first car ever building. Have a 2000 mustang gt, took the motor out, put cams, forged bottom end, full exhaust, vortech V-2 supercharger. Finally have the motor back in, unfortunately it will not start. Motor turns over, but will not fire. Took spark plug out,no spark. Im at a dead end, car ran fine before I took the motor out. Read my whole haynes maual, injectors are getting voltage along with every other sensor, but the crankshaft and camshaft sensor are not getting power with or without the key on, chased the wires all the way to the pin plug thing(whatever that is in the passanger corner on firewall) that runs to the computer inside the car, and no power. have checked all fuses and they are good. What could this mean???running out of energy on this project!!!
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