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1997 Mustang GT Convertible with '02 4.6L motorswap, roughly 6000 miles on this build. The odometer reads just over 47k. I got this car as it is and I am going to try to list everything that I know has done, plus what I was told by the previous owner had been done. I want to say first and foremost that it does have a rebuilt title, and I have the damage estimate for any serious buyers out there. I have had no issues with the car, you can't tell anything ever happened and I had no issues getting it financed or registering the vehicle.

Upgrades include:
Upgraged radiator
SCT Tuner
Adjustable fuel regulator
Forged pistons (according to previous owner)
Procharger D1 with Intercooler
42lb Injectors
All MSD Ignition
Upgraded coolant reservoir
Cobra Pulleys
Cobra Rims
BBK Long tube headers
BBK Offroad Xpipe
Flowmaster Exhaust
Wideband Fuel/Air Guage
Boost guage
Temp Guage
Oil Temp Guage
Lowered 2 Inches
Leather racing seats
Also includes stereo with amp and subwoofer.
There are more mods that I can't think of off the top of my head but for those that are seriously interested I will see what I can answer for you. I had a buddy of mine who is a real Mustang guru look it over and he said essentially it has about 90% of the work done. This is most likely for someone who wants to use it as a toy, and I will tell you this is one FAST toy. It was tuned with the SCT tuner for a street load so its sitting at about 390hp right now. I have Dynos and a lot of reciepts for the parts on the car. If your serious about buying hit me up and I'll give you any other info I can.

Asking $12000 but all reasonable offers will be considered. Cash talks, so I'm more likely to accept lower cash offers. The bank has the title but I can drive straight over to the bank and get that straightened out. Please, serious buyers only. I really need to sell the car because I need the money right now. Come at me with an offer if your interested, worst that could happen is I can't take it. Zach at 702-335-9991
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