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I have a 3.10 upper and 6lb lower setup from you. I have had alot of problems with alignment. Rght now here is where I am at on it.

I have the 3.10 upper installed and 6lb installed with the idler pulley in the upper hole. I have a kelly Springfield belt temporaily on it(it is a 81 inch belt).
I have the 3.5 inch alternator pulley on and had to have the alternator pulley sanded down since it was too long.
The aligment problem I have is that when driving the car normally now, it works perfectly. When I punch it a few times, the belt skips a line towards the back. The belt tensioner reads in the middle on the tensioner.
I look at the ilder pulley on the Metco plate and to me the belt is on the back edge. I don't know if it is a spacer issue or maybe if I should be using a better belt in a 80 some odd inch length.

I have been trying for awhile to get this to work and running out of ideas.

Have you seen any issues like that on other cars? Sir, if you can, you pm me back or I can call you in the mornning or post here.

The power is quite nice when its working I must say though! Very impressive pull.
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