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I have a used 5,000 mile polished D1SC for sale. No longer need so it has to go. Has a 6 rib 2.80 pulley on it now that I just put on but haven't ran with it. Also have a 8 rib 3.40 pulley that was on it during those 5K miles. Have 3 extra bottles of fluid that goes with it. Also have 2v brackets for both the 96-98 & 99-04 cars. The 99+ bracket is polished as well. No bent fins. Just a few marks from the install. Also will include a 4" blue 90 for the inlet and a stubby AEM filter.

Polished D1SC w/fluid,90,filter and 6 rib pulley $1400obo
8 rib 3.40 pulley $50
brackets $100 a piece

can ship and do take paypal.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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