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1988 Mustang Gt, 1984 Mustang Convertible, 1993 Mustang LX
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What’s up yall,

I decided to hop on the forum after leaving the mustang world 10 years ago and now I’m back with 3 projects and at the moment I’m going through the hassle of trying to get my mind set on just one… so here is what I have. 1988 Gt 5 speed roller, 1984 completely original convertible (20k miles v6 auto) and a 1993 lx roller (4cyl auto)

I have a 94 mark 8 motor completely stock with no trans, a 302 from a 94 gt (should probably be rebuilt) but no T5 transmission although I have a c4 I could potentially use and a 2001 4.6 2v with a complete t45 set up.

now you know what I have I’m deciding whether or not I should put the t45 on the 4v and drop it on the 88 gt roller and yes I’m aware I need a k member, rack, brakes master/ hydroboost… if I go this route I’m using the Holley stand alone ECU as I don’t want to use the sn95 dash

My dilemma is this, should I go 2v or 4v in my 88GT, I will need a 96-98 cobra intake manifold to fit my 94 4v with the “B” heads, I have yet to find a cheap enough cobra intake manifold, I could use that money to do mods to the 2v… I don’t know much about modular motors so any advice or help would be appreciated!
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