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  • Do not deal with anyone insisting on Western Union/MoneyGram, wire transfers, money orders or checks. These offer little to no protection against scams/fraud.

  • Use only a recognized payment system such as Paypal.

  • Deal only with "verified" accounts on Paypal or other payment systems to qualify for their buyer/seller protection.

  • Buyer and sellers should always insist on using a tracking number. Signature confirmation is suggested as well.

  • Get the person's phone number and call them before any sale to help verify they are who they say they are.

  • Be wary of deals which sound too good to be true, especially from new users.

  • A common scam is the other party assures you Western Union/MoneyGram is safe because they want you to add a security question to the transfer. The opposite is true. A security question means they can pick up the money at any Western Union/MoneyGram office in the world by simply answering the security question without showing ID.

  • Buyers should insist on photos of the item. It wouldn't hurt to ask the person to include a picture of them holding the item which includes their face.

  • Cashier's checks and money orders are usually scams, and turn out to be counterfeit weeks after the money appears to clear.

  • Do not accept partial payments and make sure all funds clear prior to sending any product.

  • The newer the user is you're dealing with, the more information you should ask for. Search our Trader Discussions to see if there are any reports of problems with the other party.

  • For vehicle purchases/sales always arrange to meet prior to the sale at a safe location such as a police station.

  • Offers to ship a vehicle is almost always a scam.

  • Be wary of stories explaining a unusually low price or need to sell quickly, such as divorce, bankruptcy or a departing serviceman.

  • Do not give information which may be used to steal your identity such as checking account, credit card or social security number.

  • Someone offering to send your more than the asking price its almost always a scam.

  • If in doubt, pass on the purchase or sale of an item.

  • Never purchase an item from someone claiming to be a business if they are not a ModularFords sponsor. Report these to us immediately.
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