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I just installed my AJE K-member and would like to know how to "square" it in the car.
Can I use the 2001 steering rack in a 90 coupe?
can I use the 2001 spindles?
Who can I get to disable the PATS on my 2001 ECM
Will the fuel sending unit fit in my 90 fuel tank?
Will the Gas tank from the 2001 fit in my 90 if not?
any help would be much appreciated.

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I'll try to give you some ideas on the first question. I've done similar things during different kinds of custom suspension work that doesn't apply directly to what you are doing, but the theory is the same.

You need to find a reference point on both sides of the car, perhaps the center (front-to-back) of the rear axle or a place on the frame.

Now do the same with the crossmember, find a location that is exactly the same distance (front-to-back) on the k-member itself, on both sides, mark it with chalk or a sharpie.

If you don't have a 'plumb-bob', just get a string and tie a nut onto it.

Now, hold that string up to the reference point you made on the car (axle, frame, whatever), let the nut hang down to the ground and make a mark at it's center.

Do the same thing on both drivers and passenger side.

Now do the same thing with your reference points on the k-member.

Measure the distance between the front marks and rear marks that you made on the ground. Do one side first, then the other.

Now you can square the k-member by making sure the distance is the same from pass side to drivers side.

You may also want to make an 'X' measurement. In other words measure from the drivers side rear mark to the pass side front mark, then do the other side, pass side rear mark to drivers side front mark. This will help to ensure that it is square from side-to-side, not just front-to-back.

The main thing is to make sure you have good reference points, something that will be exactly the same on both sides of the car for your rear marks (axle, frame, etc.) and in exactly the same location on the k-member on each side.

Of course there is always a chance that the k-member isn't square from side to side because when you weld metal, it tends to move around a bit from the heat.

The best way to do it is to put the front spindles on and use the center of the rear axle as your 'car' (rear) reference point, and the center of the front spindles as the suspension or k-member (front) reference point.

This way, even if the k-member has some un-square areas, the part that counts (spindles) will be square.

I hope you can follow that. I'm sure there are a dozen different ways to do what I've explained, so modify to suit your needs, but you get the idea.
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