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This is what I have, stock, 5.0, Auto, 3.15 gears.
Looking at all the forums/websites etc, the CAI and Hand Held tuner info is real confusing to me.
I know they are trying to sell you something. Base line HP (are they measuring with 87 octane?)
After mods HP (now measuring with 93 Octane?)
All I am looking for firmer shifts (getting rid of long lag time when it downshifts to passing gear) and better throttle response.
Not looking to be the fastest or faster than my fellow Stang owners, but faster than those stock Bow ties and Mopars.
No runs down the quater mile.
AM and Bama advertise 31+ HP but that seems to be the race tune (which they do not reccomend for dailey driving???)
And is it 87 octane base run compared to 93 Octane tuned run?
JLT does 93 vs 93. Each company seems to provide their own tunes (on the SCT) and the numbers are all over the place.
I also heard the rumor of causing some engine damage with some tunes.
Please help me sort this out. Not looking to spend thousands of dollars.

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Early tunes from some tuners were causing issues with the #8 piston breaking.

Ford can tell if you have EVER tuned your car, even if you put it back to stock.
You tune it and you lose the factory warranty on the powertrain if Ford thinks the tune caused the failure.

AM/Bama offers a warranty of sorts with their tune to alleviate the worry of having a tune.
Ford Racing also has their own tune that offers a warranty as well. I don't think the this tune changes the shift strategy for automatics.

Most of the performance comes from the tune, not the CAI. A couple of guys have done back to back testing that showed the CAI did not make the car go faster.

Adding HP is not what is going to make you go "wow" when you get a tune. The change in throttle sensitivity, firmer shifts and changes in the shift pattern are what you will notice. The change in throttle sensitivity is what will surprise you, they change it so that what you now think of as light throttle has the same effect as going half throttle before. It's great if you like to drive as boy racer all of the time, maybe not so great in bumper to bumper traffic or when John Law has his eye on you. Your tuner can tailor the throttle sensitivity to your liking.
Thanks, I am an old guy so driving like a boy racer is out. I noticed a big difference on my 07 when I tuned it (better throttle response).I just hate the lag, especially when I go to pass, hit the throttle, wait, wait, then its all go (and does it go). Kind of like you don't know what your doing. (which I don't).
I don't want a CAI, kind of defeats the OEM design, pulling air from the front of the car. Mine is not special, but want to keep it as much stock GT/CS look as possible. Hey, I paid for the CS package, might as well keep it that way as much as I can.
So maybe a tune, maybe a K&N, SVT mufflers, X-pipe, for now.
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