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Forgive me for not showing a hardcore speed mod, but getting rid of the rear seat suits my needs to have a more practical vehicle.

I removed about 37 lbs of weight then added about 10 lbs reinforcing Baltic Birch Plywood and aluminum.
I also added a 6061 T6 0,050" thk bulkhead secured over the rear seat pass thru. This adds stiffness to the chassis, a firewall and sound deadening.

I added about 8-10 LBS of sound deadener, and about the same in tools, clothes, and supplies under the seat ( er, I mean storage shelf, car is a 2 seater now!) so I expect the car is only 10 lbs lighter.

The rear shelf will hold 240 lbs of puppies, many cases of beer, or me. A nice flat 19" x 50' area.

(Just waiting in the barn for April 1!)

170 Deg Thermostat.
MM full length subs

QMP 3" 304 S/S exhaust With Cats
Amazon Diablo 2 program w/ single burn street Chip
Amazon/ Razor 3.10 upper pulley

Royal Purple Lubes Everywhere
Water Wetter in Intercooler

BilletFlow Throttle Body
Metco #2 lb & 4 lb lower pulley kit

Metco 100MM upper idler with lightened modified bracket.

Reinforced the Rear Seat delete kit with added trunk bulkhead for a kind of sweet big Rotie/lab mix.

Amazon Stage 1 Filter kit
Amazon Diablo 2 program race/street Chip
Denso Iridium plugs IT-20's

On order:

Gatorback belt # 4080797


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