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2003 Zinc Yellow Vert 60,xxx miles
Hellion Turbo Kit (non BB)
4" downpipe and custom midpipe
QTP electric cutout
60lb injectors
CF DFX clutch
Fidanza flywheel with the replaceable centers
Fiore firewall adjuster w/double hook quadrant
26 spline input shaft
Borla Stinger catback
Steeda subframes
Steeda IRS brace (not installed)
Steeda Tri-Ax with Black steeda knob
Wideband commander
Apexi AVC-r Boost controller
WOT box 2 step w/ no lift shifting
Autometer oil pressure gauge
Full tubular K member
Steeda springs in the rear and coil-overs in the front
25 % window tint
170* Stant thermostat
X-cal 2 with a a pump gas tune and a race gas tune
Pump gas the car made 605/615 16 psi 17*
Race gas the car made 680/690 19 psi 18* and was close to maxing out the fuel system so we stopped.

$25,000 with the FR500's
Chrome FR500's 17x9 w/275 sumotumos front, 17x10.5 Deep Dish w/315 Nitto 555R drag radial
The car is in overall great shape inside and out. The car has a few minor rock chips and on the passenger rear bumper has a dime size paint chip from a rock flying up and hitting the bumper. The top looks great, the inside of the car is very nice, the driver seat is the only seat with any signs of wear. Overall you wouldn't think this car has 50k miles on it at all.
The car runs perfect, had it retuned when I purchased it and the TOB replaced and the car feels like a stocker until you hit boost and it's a rush! I'm the 2nd owner. Reason for selling is i'm over extended right now with my Lightning payment and this payment and i'm moving away to school and i'm not going to be able to swing it, not to mention my lightning is blown up and if it wasn't I would be selling the lightning, not the cobra :( My loss is someone's gain, perfect turn key car with all the good stuff done to it!
Bumble Beast- Video[/url]

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