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I just got my car back from some warrenty service today and all turned out pretty well. I had them do an oil change, get a paint estimate, fix that front end click (steering rack), check the stall and pulling condition. Also to replace the spolier gasket that was comming apart. this is what they did.

They didnt' have time to paint the hood (under warrenty) so I will make an appointment to get it done next week. (story about the to continue later). They did the oil change, and replaced the whole steering rack. They said the steering rack and adjustments they made corrected the pulling, also did an alignment (no cost). They couldn't make it stall or find any reason for that, but I'll wait for conformation of the new PCM flash. They replaced the spolier gasket. Gave me a rental for the time it was in (2 days, they had to oreder the rack, no problem). So i drove a taurus, at least it wasn't a focus. I asked them to also do the complimentary washing.

When I picked it up everything was fine. Except they didn't wash the car, no biggie. (I asked them to do it, cause I live in an apartment now, and I can't wash my car here, sucks I know. But I'm moving into a house in a month or 2.)

So overall a bangup job they did, pretty damn good! Everyone on the phone was nice to me, very pleasant experence.

They are a big SVT/Saleen dealership, also as a bonus, they have a kitchen bar in the dealership, open to all customers parts/service/sales. Where they have a girl who cooks nothing but cakes, brownies, cookies and other junk food all day long!! That place smells sooo good! And boy can she cook!! All food free of change, of course.

north of Philadelphia, PA in Horsham (montgomery county). I will reccomend them definitly and will get back to you guys on their paint skills (which they have a lifetime warrenty for) when I get my hood painted there.

As for the hood not being painted this time, I am very lucky, as I left the dealership I was drving behind a dump truck, but leaving plenty of space (30 yards), and all of a sudden the truck slams on his breaks and rocks and dirt come flying out!!! A Nightmare! well a few hit the car of course and left 2 more dings in the hood!!! :shocked
But it will be painted so all is well I guess.

Sorry this was soo long, just wanted to pass on my experence!
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