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Return Fuel system wiring help

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I have serched and serched and have been messing with my car for days on end can someone post a detailed diagram on how to wire in a single relay using fpdm.All my car does is blow the fuse. i have a pin 85, 86, 87, 87a, and 30 relay. power wire to pin 30. ground to pin 85 and pin 2 on fpdm. pin 86 to pump. 87 to ccrm or pin 9 on fpdm. Can someone please help im getting burned out messing with this car. what do i do for tunes once car gets going(if it does). Thank you
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found this quick link showing on to wire up the pump. don't know how accurate it is and doesn't really say much about the pins.
Building Music Rectangle Parallel Facade
yellow green off from as to pump ...done.
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