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I was on my way home from seeing a few friends today (usually takes me about 30 mins) and the road I needed to use to get on I79 was closed. Great, time to use the Penndot detour and more likely then not get lost. So at this point I am kinda mad. I make the left hand turn and follow the signs.

I follow the detour signs down some VERY beautiful two lane roads that weren't full of pot holes. For PA this is rare. Then I start to notice that I have the stereo rather loud for just me in the car, so I turn that down. AHHHH that's what I was looking for, that nice burble that the Mustang exhaust makes a low RPM. For the majority of the drive home, from this point, I was the ONLY person on the road! I had the Mach 460 on, but just barely loud enough to hear the great music of The Clarks playing to lend some very, very sweet sounds to the baritone of the GT pipes and engine as I was just taking in the sights and sounds.

I finally find the interstate that I was looking for, but by that point I knew where I was, finally, and decided to stay on back roads. Most of the roads were posted at 45, I would say that I was only going 35 at the most. Like I said there was no one behind me and I had no where else to be.
It had been a long, long time since I was able to do this. Just find a nice peaceful road, take the GT or the ZR-1 out and just drive for the joy of driving, keeping the RPMs low and just enjoying the car, and the peace it gives me deep in my soul. There were only two things missing from this day to make it perfect, the first is that the special someone in my life wasn't in the passenger seat next to me, and second the car wasn't clean. I had to drive the GT yesterday, it rained while I had her out and I didn't have time to clean her up by the time I had to leave today. I did remedy that when I got home though.

I must have looked like an idiot to anyone who saw me driving. I had this huge grin on my face, ear to ear type grin. As I was driving all I could think of was that special someone and how this car just calls to me every time I drive it and how happy this girl makes me. I still a smile on my face three hours later. Well, enough about my day. Just thought I would share. :D
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