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Intresting info about PCM CPUs used in S197. Spanish Oak (MPC565) (GT) and Silver Oak (MPC561) (GT500).

MPC565: 32 Bit Microcontroller (used in Mustang GT S197)

The MPC565 is a member of a MPC500 family of microprocessors that implements the PowerPC instruction standard architecture. The MPC565 is integrated with a Floating Point Unit, an advanced peripheral set and one megabyte of FLASH memory on a single chip. This combination is ideal for high performance automotive applications as well as other control-intensive applications.


1M byte of internal FLASH memory (divided into two blocks of 512K bytes)
  • 36K bytes Static RAM
  • Three time processor units (TPU3)
  • A 22-timer channel modular I/O system (MIOS14)
  • Three TouCAN modules
  • Two enhanced queued analog system with analog multiplexors (AMUX) for 40 total analog channels. These modules are configured so each module can access all 40 of the analog inputs to the part.
  • Two queued serial multi-channel modules, each of which contains a queued serial peripheral interface (QSPI) and two serial controller interfaces (SCI/UART)
  • A J1850 (DLCMD2) communications module
  • A NEXUS debug port (class 3) - IEEE-ISTO 5001-1999
  • JTAG and background debug mode (BDM)
MPC561: 32 bit Microcontroller (used in GT500)


Precise exception model
  • Extensive system development support
  • On-chip watchpoints and breakpoints
  • Background debug mode (BDM)
  • IEEE-ISTO 5001-1999 NEXUS Class 3 Debug Interface
  • True 5-V I/O
  • Two time processing units (TPU3) with eight Kbytes DPTRAM
  • 22-channel MIOS timer (MIOS14)
  • Two queued analog-to-digital converter modules (QADC64_A, QADC64_B) providing a total of 32 analog channels
  • Three TouCAN modules (TOUCAN_A, TOUCAN_B, TOUCAN_C)
  • One queued serial module with one queued SPI and two SCIs (QSMCM) 32-Kbyte static RAM (CALRAM)
This data shows the complexity of the 3V engine mgmt... Silver Oak is stripped proprietary model from Spanish Oak. Both have same components, but Spanish Oak has more channels to control. Check for more info (search with part numbers).

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I have no clue what I just read.LOL even after trying to disect. Truly a world of higher intelligence.
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