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I bought this car about 2 years ago I bought a diablo tuner and when i tried to install it I got an error saying it didnt have the stock tune so then i went to the CPU and found that it had an SCT 4 bank eliminator chip hooked into it although i dont actually have the chip all i have is the dial connected to where you can switch tunes. With this being said i know its still hooked up because it works in 0 and in position 1 you can switch to with the car already running and when switched to position 2 etc the car dies so it obviously is still connected. What i want to do is get rid of this and put my own SCT tuner with a Bama tune for everything that Ive done to my car since ive had it any ideas on how to do this since it doesnt have the stock tune or do you think the stock tune is in position 0 but that was what position it was in when I tried installing the diablo. Can I just cut the wires?? Any help would be much appreciated!!
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