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I am trying to get enough interest to have Jerry Wroblewski from SCT to come to the Dallas area and tune some cars and trucks. Jerry is the best in the business. He is the tuning wizard behind the SCT products. If you want a tune and want it right, this is your chance.

We are shooting for Dec 9th and 10th.

Pricing will be as follows if I can get enough interest:
If you already have an SCT product like a chip or Xcalibrator, the tune will be $250 and he will put your file on your chip or Xcal.
SCT's software is not compatable with any Diablo or other products.
Chip plus tune is $325 (this chip will support 4 files)
Xcal2 plus tune is $430
If you want more than one tune/file (IE Nitrous file) it is $50 per file.

The Dyno shop will have a fee of $100 for the dyno time and this covers as many pulls as it takes to get you vehicle right and it also pulls your EEC and installs a chip if you go that route. We will be using Dallas Mustang. They will not be installing any oxygen sensor bungs that day. If you need one installed for the Wideband, please have it done before then.

If your are definitely interested, Please E-mail me and I will keep you informed. I will use my e-mail to keep track of who is interested. First come first serve.

My e-mail is
[email protected]

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