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SCT SF3 with K&N Cold Air Intake

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I already have a SCT SF3, will I need a custom tune after I install a K&N CAI or will the tune that the device came with work fine after I activate that option?

2008 GT Vapor Silver w/ Black Racing Stripes - Roush front bumper, Pypes 80 Exhaust, SCT SF3 Tuner, Eleanor hood, 20 inch Foose Rims, Ducktail wing.
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It will be fine, it will even be fine if you don't do it because the K&N does not requires a tune.

But it will be better if you do and even better if someone checks it up in the dyno but no, it is not needed.
KN intake is slightly different from stock, about 5%, so you could tune it, but leaving it alone would not kill it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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