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Here are a few parts left over from my blower setup that was going to go on my 2002 GT.. The SCT X3 Ford tuner is UNLOCKED and ready to go with all the instructions/cd/cable/original packaging. The Kenny Bell Boost-A-Pump is the 20 AMP version and has all the wiring and dial switch with it. The Focus pump has approximately 5000 miles on it and ready to go! This is everything you need to add a supercharger to your mustang!..

Prices are shipped! (Just add 4 percent for paypal or send as a gift)

SCT Tuner $200.00
Kenny Bell BAP $185.00
Focus Pump $ 75.00

Ac adapter Adapter Gadget Audio equipment Computer hardware
Gas Electrical wiring Wire Cable Bag
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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