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I have been looking to add some quarter window scoops to my GT500 -- something that closely matches the ones that originally came on the '67-'68 Shelbys. After searching for a couple of years now, the closest thing I have found are the scoops found on the Shadrach Mustang (see images below).

Several weeks ago I contacted Pure Power Motorsports (PPM) about the availability of these parts. I got a response from Dick Koch who said that, although the scoops were currently out of stock, PPM would be willing to special order another batch from their supplier if they had commitments (to be paid in advance) for at least 5 pair. This post is to see if there is sufficient interest to pursue such a group buy.

Some further details from Dick's e-mail: "There are no installation instructions delivered with the scoops [Dick described the installation as "self evident"]. The buyer should understand it will be their responsibility to properly prep, fit, paint and install the scoops or find a body shop to do it for them. Any qualified body shop can install these scoops. The scoop vents [as supplied] will be solid, providing the option of leaving them solid or cutting them out if true venting is desired. They will also need prepping before painting, as the scoops come to us straight out of the molds." The scoops do not come with grills, but these can be added by the buyer.

He further noted that the Shadrach scoops can be plumbed to provide air to the rear brakes or a differential oil cooler - but the hoses, pass-throughs, etc. would need to be fabricated or secured independently by the buyer. Agent47 has a kit that works with their NACA scoops that could potentially be modified to work with the Shadrach scoops -- however, I know of no one who has actually done this yet. I do know that the scoops on the original Shadrach Mustang, shown in the photo, were routed to cool the Detroit Locker rear end.

Each scoop comes in two pieces: the outer, visible scoop - plus an inner piece that is fitted through the interior of the passenger compartment and is bonded to the external piece. Thus the factory quarter windows need to be removed prior to installation of the scoops - a task that can be greatly aided by the use of the Agent 47 quarter window removal kit.

Dick said that the cost of a pair of scoops will be $590, plus ~$26 for shipping, depending on the customer's location. Although this is more than other quarter window scoops, the fact that these scoops can be made functional and that they so closely resemble the original '67-'68 Shelby scoops, makes it worth it for me.

Payment must be made upfront, via a credit card or wire transfer, for a minimum of 5 sets before the scoops will be ordered. If PPM does not receive prepayments for at least 5 sets by the order date, the prepayment will be refunded -- less the cost of any credit card or wire transfer handling fees incurred by PPM. Payment details will be provided as soon as we have reached the 5 set minimum order. Dick estimated that the delivery time would be around 5 -6 weeks once the order was placed with the manufacturer. Because PPM will be pretty near the break-even point with just 5 orders, they cannot guarantee there will be another opportunity to order these scoops after this one.

If you are interested in participating in this group buy, send an indication of interest to me at [email protected] by May 1st. If there are four more people, besides myself, who are ready to put money to buy the scoops, PPM will proceed with the order.

I have no financial interest in this group purchase beyond my own desire to get a pair of these scoops for my car.

If any member purchased these scoops when they were originally available, and has already installed them on their cars, I would interested in any feedback, pictures, recommendations regarding grill selection, or advice on how to make these scoops functional, that you can provide.




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