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Looking for some solid advice on shift lights... alot of the threads out there are a bit dated, and technology is constantly changing. Here are some of the options I have found/researched. What is everyone's experience with what you have? What works well? What was an easy install? What was a [email protected]$$? What do you wish you had done? What would you do differently? What you would upgrade to next? What additional parts did you need to install them correctly? (Any other options I missed please feel free to drop some links.)

Buy one, sell one, trash one... go!

AutoMeter: External Level 1 Digital Shift Light (listed @ $182.95)

AutoMeter: Quick-Lite (listed @ $64.95)

AutoMeter: Shift-Lite (listed @ $57.95)

Raptor: Single-Mode Shift Light (listed @ $110.00)

MSD: Programmable Digital Shift Light (listed @ $189.95)
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