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I already posted this in the Reference Forum, but thought this would be more beneficial in this forum. Mods move or combine if need be.

This is for any and all SN-95(94-98) Mustangs with a modular motor swapping to an 03-04 T-56. I made this little piece from an existing spacer/exhaust hanger and a conversion mount from Prothane. The mount is specific for swapping in a T-56 into the 79-98 Mustangs with the frame mounted crossmember. The T-56 specified however is the one that FRPP uses as well as D and D Performance and that has a different tailshaft housing than that of the 03-04 Cobra. Which got me to making this in the first place, since nobody made a specific mount for swapping in a takeout Cobra tranny into a Modular SN-95.

Here I lined up the holes making sure the Prothane piece was centered much like the factory mount is to make sure it lined up.

Here I cut out part of the side where the Prothane bolt holes interfered with the spacer plate holes. I made sure everything lined up and drew an outline around it to make sure I could find alignment again. I used a Dremel cutoff wheel to modify the mount.

And here is the finished piece. Note the seam welds on the tabs and the spot welds near the rubber part.

To make this all you need are:
-Conversion Mount 6-1608 by Prothane
-spacer plate/exhaust hanger from stock setup

My mount works just fine and bolted right up. FWIW I used the stock crossmember with 96 Cobra crossmember frame mounts to get everything to line up for the entire tranny. I'll get some under car pics later if in anybody needs to see the full setup/installation and get a feel for what needs to be fabbed.
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