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I just returned from Holeshot Performance out in Virginia Beach, VA where I swapped to a solid axle with a guy from Raliegh, NC. I now have an 02 GT rear and also added a Mac cat-back, Granatelli upper and lower control arms, And Steeda springs.:D I ordered a set of 31 spline Moser axles and a Eaton Posi but the Axles did not show up in time to be installed. I will be returning soon to have that done once they arrive.

I drove the car home from the shop last night (3 Hour Drive) and you certianly notice that with the lowering springs and solid axle it is a bit rougher ride. Honestly though it's not that bad at all. I am extremely happy that my car looks great lowered now and after busting the tires loose on the way home from work today and not getting any wheel hop that was icing on the cake for me.:D

If anyone is thinking of doing the swap, I give it 2 thumbs up. You will also notice that you no longer have slack in the driveline like the IRS has. It just feels much nicer.

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