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It's been a while since my cars made it out to the track. It hasn't seen the track since the 2002 Mod Motor shootout. Since then I had collapsed pistons and blown copper head gaskets because I didn't redo the cooling system correctly. Over the winter Hyland redid the engine, and fixed the cooling system. I got the car home, and I still didnt feel quite comfortable.

I was never a great fan of electromotive, and I certainly did not know how to use it myself. I switched because from speed pro because of 3 main reasons.
1. EDIS problems were giving me fits in 2001.
2. Mihovetz is the best electromotive tuner in the country, and he sets up my car.
3. Electromotive doesn't use EDIS.

Well, I decided to switch back to Speed Pro because I'm comfortable using it, and I can make my own changes at the track, and feel comfortable with it. The Electromotive does work, just ask Mihovetz and the Tymensky's. For me, I just missed the Speed Pro.

Since 2001, FAST has come out with their own EDIS module allowing me to rev the car as high as I need (8500 rpms). Also the MSD DIS4HO unit is rated higher in spark energy than a 7AL. So the decision was a no brainer for me, the game plan was to switch back to speed Pro. With my crazy work schedule, I knew I would be out all year if I was doing it on my spare time, so I took the car to one of the best Speed Pro installers around bar none. I took the car to Lideo at Alternative Auto. Lideo is well known for his top notch installs, and he's not that far away from me, which is a real plus.

Heres 2 pictures new pictures, and they show the quality of Lideos installs.

Here's the before picture with the electromotive.

Lideo's finishing up fabbing the crank trigger for me to the cog pulley. As soon as thats done its off to a mustang dyno to get the a/f in the ball park. Then it's off to the track. I was hoping to make FFW Atlanta, but I didnt want to rush things. Theres plenty of time for fun.

I'll update when I get more info.
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