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Figured it you guys wanted to see what our club is doing around here. Jimmy V. helps in the planning process. Let me know if anyone is interested in going or getting involved. Thanks for reading this and if you need to reach me my email is [email protected] LISVTOA NEWSLETTER MARCH of 2003
Mike Gnolfo


After a longer-than-needed hiatus from motorsports and quality weather this snowy winter, the board members and "keepers of the Blue-Oval flame" of LISVTOA have been busy planning upcoming events for the LISVTOA membership. If you are a LISVTOA member you will not be disappointed…if you aren't a member yet then you probably will be jealous…and if you own a Bowtie, well…you know what you are. This coming spring/summer/fall of 03 promises by far to be the best year for LISVOTA yet- don't miss out!


• Sunday, March 16th 2003 >>> Autocross Classroom Seminar at Robert Plan Insurance building, located at 999 Stewart Ave in Bethpage. The PCA, or Porsche Club of America is holding this seminar on the how to's and not what to do's concerning auto-x. Admission is $15 and will get you a $10 discount coupon towards admission at their 1st auto-x and includes a light lunch. They will go over auto-x rules, safety, car prep, driver prep, basics of precision driving, and much more. We feel if LISVTOA wants to take a stab at Auto-x, then we should attend this seminar, it might help out a lot. What do you think?

• Sunday, April 13th 2003 >>> LISVTOA 1st Member Meeting of 2003. That's right folks, hard to believe after this unruly winter, but LISVTOA is back and back in force to satisfy all you SVT maniacs out there and to remind you why you bought your high-performance vehicles with some cool events and ideas we have up our sleeves. This year there will be events for everyone, no matter that you are interested in- nobody will feel left out. We have ideas that span drag racing, auto crossing, road racing, car shows, dyno opportunities, tech seminars, barbeques and of course, the obligatory crusing which we all love to do. At this inaugural meeting we will discuss the upcoming events, the future of LISVTOA and busy up with old friends we haven't seen for a while. Meeting is scheduled at McCarville Ford at 10AM sharp rain or shine.

• Friday April 25th 2003 >>> SVOTA Boston/New England invited all LISVTOA to attend their Lebanon Valley Speedway- American Muscle Dragday. Cost is $63 per driver and is limited to 75 participants. Gates open at 8AM and racing will be done from 10AM till 4PM. Remember, this IS NOT a LISVTOA event. If you are interested visit for more details. And, oh yeah, Domestic American Muscle only!!!

• Sunday, May 18th 2003 >>> LISVTOA Tattoos Long Island with some fresh rubber on our 1st cruise of 2003 which will probably lead us to the beautiful North Fork of eastern Long Island. This is also the 2nd LISVTOA Member Meeting. We will meet at 10AM sharp to discuss club matters then plan to depart shortly after. If you can only make it to meeting or if you are both coming to the meet and cruising the place of congregation is Hicksville Sears parking lot on rt 106/107 just south of the LIE.

• Sunday, June 8th 2003 >>> LISVTOA cordially invites all LISVTOA to the Mustang Showdown/Car show at McCarville Ford. Start washing and waxing your blue oval for this exciting event. You can arrive as early as 8AM, but getting there after 9AM probably won't secure you a sure spot. We will have a special LISVTOA section there and fully expect a strong LISVTOA presence.

• Saturday, June 28th 2003 >>> Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords presents Mustangs vs. F-Body/Vette Showdown at Englishtown. If you are into drag racing then this is the one event that you should not miss. LISVTOA plans to have a huge presence at this event. Even if you just plan to spectate it will be a lot of fun to see our 4.6's and 5.0's duke it out with the evil 5.7's of the General. We will have all out cars parked in our own special section to show our strength. The sponsor and leading Mustang publication, Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, will also be covering the event and along with other Ford fanatics, we want to show the General's best just who they're messing with. Make LISVOTA proud and come with us on our trek to Englishtown, who knows…maybe your car will make it into Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords.

• Sunday, July 27th 2003 >>> LISVTOA Cooks for you at our 1st BBQ ever at Belmont State Park, which should be full of fun and some good burgers. Bring out the whole family and your beloved SVT ride to enjoy the great outdoors and don't forget to wash and wax your ride! More details to follow, check often.

• Events we are in the process of discussing and planning Include: possibly renting out Long Island Dragway ( for our own LISVTOA Dragday. Auto Crossing with the PCA (Porsche Club of America)/Auto Crossing with the SCCA at Nassau Coliseum, which should be interesting because some of us have never taken any turns in our cars. Maybe we can take a trip up to Lime Rock for some road racing, we are in the process of gauging interest. A few of the board members have expressed interest in going to an NMRA event ( Of course we're going to hold a dyno-day again, maybe a few…we just don't know specifics just yet. Also we are contemplating on a facility to go go-karting because we thought that would be different and fun and something to get us out of the house before the nice weather hits- one place we have in mind is "Strike," which is located in New Hyde Park. Lastly, any event or idea proposed by you, the LISVTOA member, will not go unconsidered...remember it is you that is taking part in these events- make your idea heard. Check and your e-mail often for updates.
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