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Need 10 total header / retro catback combined for the deal. Between all the forums, won't be an issue there.

Stainless Works has put together a group buy! 15% off of the 2011 5.0 headers with offroad pipe / catted pipe and the 2011 retro catback for the 5.0 / GT500

Orders should start shipping once we get to the 10.

Visa, MC, Discover, and Paypal (no paypal fees)

In addition!

Because Team Beefcake Racing loves the new Mustangs so much!

We are going to eat the cost of shipping as well!!

Thats right! 15% off plus free shipping!

Part #'s




Catted header part # M11HDRCATX lists for $1550 plus shipping.

Group buy will be $1317.50 and free shipping.

Offroad header part # M11HDRORX lists for $1390 plus shipping.

Group buy will be $1181.50 and free shipping.

Retro Catback lists for $850

Group buy will be $722.50 and free shipping.

Also for the guys that don't want to run cat's, but are worried about reselling down the road / e check, etc., the beautiful thing about the SW system is the cats are independent from the system.

You could buy the catted system, and for $37.49 more, the offroad slip ins could be included. You could put the slip in pipes in, but have the cats on standbuy when you need them. 4 clamps and you can swap out!!!


If you buy a header / catback combo! I will include a $75 coupon for a tuner kit supercharger purchase, and a $100 coupon toward a complete kit supercharger purchase, good until June of next year! That is off our already super low prices!!!!!!

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"We have discussed the current November Group Buy with Stainless Works, and have convinced them that we will achieve the 10 system minimum purchase to achieve the special stated discount. As a result, Stainless Works will accept orders for those products that are submitted by November 15th, and will start production early to get these orders out, trying to get them to you before Thanksgiving. Other orders received after that date are can expect to be shipped in December.

So get your orders in to us by 11/15, to get your discounted orders by Thanksgiving."

So, orders are already going! Keep em coming!
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