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So for anyone who's up to doing some cruising early this summer I'm putting on a nice beginning of summer cruise on Sat. May 23rd. I figure that we could all meet up in Issaquah at the Starbucks next to the Krispy Kreme (map below). I planned on meeting at Starbucks @ 9:00 and leaving sometime around 9:30.

There will be numerous car clubs invited along on the cruise also so Invite anyone you want to no matter what they drive! I'm thinking that we set the cruise up as a go-there-together but leave-as-you-please sort of deal. At Vantage there is a restaurant called Blustery's that has really good shakes and good burgers also. In Vantage I beleive there is swimming access if you want to bring your
bathing suits as the weather 'should' be nice.

Concerning concerts there is no information the moment (the Gorge is only 13 miles from Vantage) but maybe there will be a concert at the gorge around the time of the cruise that some people might be able to go to later. We can also change the date of the cruise to coincide with a concert if people are interested. I also plan on having a semi-pro photographer come along also to get some great shots of everyone's car. Feel free to post up any ideas/concerns!

As for the actual cruising. As we all leave Starbucks we will get on the freeway but because of the large number of cars we probably all won't be able to get on all at once so we will cruise at 5 under the speed limit until we get to Preston (a few miles) and then will begin our normal cruising speed of 68-70. I strongly encourage everyone to cruise at the posted speed limit of 70mph., wa
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