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I have a 2000 GT Vert all stock at the moment (cept for tunes). I am looking at purchasing a set of 18" 543's or 547's from Buxton Motor Sports and am curious as to how much rubber I will be able to get in the front wells without moding the suspension or fender wells. I'm not looking for a rice effect, I just like it when the weel comes out even with the outer fender lip. My thoughts were about 275/30's up front with 305/30's in the rear. I realize I will not be able to rotate out the tires but Its not a concern for me.

Will these give me the flush look I want or do I need to Increase/Decrease the tire? I dont want to use spacers if I dont have to.

Also, if anyone has some pics showing these wheels or tire sizes, please link them.

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