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Hello all,

I was refereed here by a guy from an Motorcycle forum.

I have a 95 5.0L GT 5 speed. I notice that when I shift sometimes (90%+) that my RPMs go UP to like 3k ish. Then sit for like 3 seconds then go down if I don't engage the next gear. Sometimes the RPMs just stick at 28-3k not until I engage the next gear and will not drop at all. I can not find a vacuum leak. The EVAP hose from under the upper intake that goes to the charcoal filter to the driver side fender looks ate up. But I do not believe it to be leaking as my buddy who runs a smog shop said if it was it would not pass smog (Live in cali bay area). My question is why is this doing this and will this damage my syncros and or clutch?

I did replace my IAC with a part of auto zone (i know i know... sorry was hurt for money). I replaced the gasket a few times also. My computer has been completely reset via battery out for two weeks due to an accident and had to take it to the body shop. Please let me know if this is enough info.

This started after I replaced my IAC. Sometimes usually after I shift out of 2nd to third and third to fourth the rpms drop like a rock.

I have replaced since i have the car:

-spark plugs
-Flush trans
-of course oil every 3k-4k
-Plenty of hugs

I have been to 5 shops, 10000000000000 forums. No dice. About to pull my hair out please help. :mad2:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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